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Make the most of every impression.

Maximize the value of every impression

Price floor optimization helps publishers realize the full value of each impression, in real-time. AlephD algorithms evaluate the value of every single user, assessing the optimal floor. Dynamic price floors automate the optimization process, freeing time for yield teams to focus on more strategic analysis.

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Regain control of pricing

With the dizzying number of transaction models available for publishers to harness with their buyers and the number of deals running simultaneously, it’s difficult to know if deals are bringing value and how to price them.
AlephD analytics provide clear insights and actionable next steps to price inventory and fix what’s not working.

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Monitor revenue in real-time

Still waiting for reports and data to kick in the next day? AlephD’s real-time data stream gives publishers access to live monitoring of revenue trends. Understand the revenue impact of decisions made, such as floor price change impact on fill rate - and troubleshoot instantaneously when revenue alerts are hitting the AlephD analytics platform.

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